Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolates containing high cocoa are a rich source of nutrients and minerals, including flavanols, fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, selenium, etc..., and these nutrients give dark chocolate its properties.

In this article, some of the amazing properties of dark chocolate are mentioned.

Most of the health benefits attributed to dark chocolate are due to flavanols, and the higher the percentage of cocoa in dark chocolate, the more flavonoids it contains. This substance is a type of antioxidant and plays an important role in the prevention of diseases.

The effect of dark chocolate on blood pressure

Dark chocolate is beneficial for regulating blood pressure in people with high blood pressure levels. The flavanol in dark chocolate helps the endothelium (the thin membrane inside the heart and blood vessels that are responsible for managing vascular contraction and relaxation) by producing nitric oxide (NO), which increases blood flow and thus lowers blood pressure.


The health benefits of dark chocolate for heart

Dark chocolates are beneficial in preventing some factors of heart disease. High cholesterol and blood pressure levels are among the most common contributing factors in cardiovascular diseases. Studies show that flavonoids, which are widely present in cocoa and dark chocolate with high cocoa percentages, reduce the risk of heart disease by improving blood flow, lowering blood pressure, reducing bad cholesterol (LDL), and increasing good cholesterol (HDL).


The health benefits of dark chocolate for diabetes

The flavonoids in dark chocolate increase the production and effective use of insulin and regulate blood sugar levels. Therefore, eating dark chocolate can help improve blood sugar control and prevent sudden increases and decreases in blood sugar that can lead to symptoms such as weight gain. Also, eating dark chocolate in moderation reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

People with diabetes can consult their doctor for the percentage and amount of daily consumption and include it in their daily diet.


The health benefits of dark chocolate for skin

What makes dark chocolate beneficial for the skin are antioxidants; these compounds help to hydrate and thicken the skin by improving the blood flow under the skin and soothe irritated skin with its anti-inflammatory properties. Also, the flavanol compounds in dark chocolate protect the skin against harmful ultraviolet rays.

According to studies, in addition to sunscreen, eating dark chocolate helps protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Though not just any dark chocolate, but dark chocolate specifically made with high levels of Flavanols.


The health benefits of dark chocolate for the brain and Alzheimer

Alzheimer's disease is a type of progressive brain disorder in which a person loses cognitive skills, including memory and thinking. Studies show that increasing the consumption of plant Flavanols significantly reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

Dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa is a rich source of Flavanols. With its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it can help reduce damage caused by stress, age, and even brain damage.

Among other properties of dark chocolate for the brain, it can be said that dark chocolate strengthens your cognitive abilities and increases alertness. The Flavanols in dark chocolate dilate blood vessels, allowing more oxygen and blood to reach key areas of the brain.


The health benefits of dark chocolate for the eyes

Flavonoids are a large group of plant nutrients that are found in high percentages of dark chocolate in rich quantities and have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-thrombotic (anticoagulant), vasodilator, and anti-tumor effects.

Studies have shown that the Flavanols in dark chocolate increase blood circulation, which increases oxygen and nutrients to the blood vessels of the eyes and brain. In this way, dark chocolate benefits the eyes through the blood supply to the cerebral cortex and retina, and it increases visual accuracy, motion detection, and seeing letters with more clarity.

The health benefits of dark chocolate for losing Wight

Studies show that eating dark chocolate causes weight loss by reducing the level of the ghrelin hormone in the gut, which is responsible for appetite regulation, making you feel less hungry and helping you lose weight. In addition, the unsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) in dark chocolate help the body's metabolism to burn calories faster and reduce the absorption of fats and carbohydrates.

The magnesium and anti-inflammatory compounds in dark chocolate relieve pain and make you feel motivated to exercise more and less tired during exercise, which is an added benefit for people trying to lose weight.

But what percentage of dark chocolate is suitable for weight loss? This should be determined by a nutritionist; but usually, most nutritionists consider 70% dark chocolate or higher to be suitable for weight loss.

How much dark chocolate to consume for weight loss? This should be determined by a nutritionist according to your diet and physical condition, but nutrition experts do not recommend consuming more than one ounce or 28.4 grams of dark chocolate per day.


PARMIDA Vegan Dark Chocolate

Parmida Chocolate, the first producer of high-percentage dark chocolate, has respected the needs of  vegans and vegetarians and started producing vegan dark chocolate. All of Parmida high-percentage dark chocolates do not contain animal products and are suitable for vegan diets.

The health benefits of dark chocolate for women

Studies conducted on the health benefits of dark chocolate for women show that eating a certain amount of dark chocolate during your period can increase the release of endorphin hormones that cause relaxation and happiness, making you feel better and boosting your mood.

In addition, the nutritional value of dark chocolate also includes minerals such as potassium, selenium, and iron: selenium regulates thyroid function and improves immunity, potassium is great for bone density, and iron treats anemia, a common concern for women. It is useful in all races and age groups.

Regarding the health benefits of eating dark chocolate during pregnancy, studies show that eating dark chocolate during pregnancy can help prevent preeclampsia, which is a condition in which the mother's blood pressure increases rapidly and can lead to premature birth and other health problems. Sometimes, it can be fatal. Researchers have found that women who consume dark chocolate during pregnancy have a higher concentration of theobromine in the umbilical cord blood and are less likely to develop preeclampsia.

Additionally, pregnancy itself can be stressful considering you need to make sure you have a proper and healthy diet and are ready to give birth to your child; eating a balanced amount of dark chocolate during pregnancy can help reduce stress.

Also, dark chocolate can increase serotonin levels and endorphins in the brain, which act like an antidepressant and can improve the feeling of discomfort so that you give birth to happier babies.

However, regarding dark chocolate for gestational diabetes, if you have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes or other pregnancy complications, we recommend that you consult your doctor before making any changes in your diet.


PARMIDA Dark Chocolate Bar

The health benefits of dark chocolate for men

The main causes of erectile dysfunction in men include diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, stress, etc., which cause problems in blood circulation and make erection difficult. One way to treat premature ejaculation is to follow a proper diet.

Different types of dark chocolate with high cocoa percentages can cure many erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation problems. Among dark chocolate's health benefits is its being a great source of antioxidants and its ability to reduce LDL cholesterol, which reduces cardiovascular disease, and regulates the blood circulation in all tissues of the body, especially the penis. Men's genitals, as a result, work better, thus improving erectile dysfunction.

Among the other health benefits of dark chocolate for men we can point out antioxidants that fight free radicals that are present in the whole body, especially in the testicles, and cause the loss of sperms; antioxidants also strengthen and secrete more sperms.

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In addition to having fans for its bitter taste all over the world, dark chocolate is one of the most useful snacks that are used for health purposes, diet, and disease treatment. Therefore, choosing and buying the best brand of dark chocolate is very important so that people can benefit from its health benefits. If you have any questions about Parmida’s products, please let us know.