Parmida Chocolate, as a sub-brand of Kian Chocolate Kimia Company, was founded in 1998 by introducing real dark chocolates This has been our passion ever since we became aware of dark chocolate’s health benefits and decided to produce the best products to provide the right combination of pure taste, delicate texture, and good health to our customers.

As the first pioneer in the production of high-percentage dark chocolate, our mission since then has been to create incredibly delicious chocolates at the world standard level with quality cocoa beans so that everyone can experience and enjoy the true taste of chocolate and experience its taste as before. Production of dark chocolate has proved to be a real success for Parmida Chocolates to date and has made Parmida Chocolates a premium and trusted chocolate brand worldwide.


The Quality We Observe

Quality is the main and an integral part of Parmida Chocolate's business principles, and after 23 years since the establishment of the company, we still adhere to our commitment to quality; This adherence to quality principles is the basis for realizing our ideals of providing high-quality products.

We carefully select high-quality ingredients to ensure no change in taste. Still, additionally, we monitor every step of the manufacturing process so that the taste and texture of the chocolates are harmonious. Also, not using artificial colors, essential oils, and preservatives helps us to gain trust as one of the oldest and highest-quality chocolate producers.


Diversification Of Products

Considering that chocolate has been an inseparable part of people's lives, we have produced a wide range of products, including various types of chocolate dragees, different types of chocolate spreads, and gift chocolates by researching and understanding the needs of customers to create memorable moments for consumers. We have also invented products that create a sense of entertainment and bring smiles to every child's face.

By introducing new products, our goal is to surprise, to make sure you enjoy the moment, to make the celebrations warm and sweet, to create memorable moments and to ensure that our customers have access to their favorite snacks in their time of happiness.


A New Unique Experience

We are always looking for new ways to enjoy moments. We combined premium roasted hazelnuts with premium chocolate to experience a great taste and introduced the hazelnut mini board to hit the pause button on life and enjoy a break.


For Confectioneries

The use of quality chocolates in the production of confectionery and café products deserves to be taken seriously, so we have used our many years of experience and introduced suitable products for these industries.

We have provided the most delicious chocolate spread tub and a variety of coverture chocolate for quality-conscious confectioners to enhance their baking experience and get the most delicious result. Our café and confectionary products quickly gained popularity for their unique taste and versatility and became a regular choice for chocolatiers, pastry shops, and cafes.


New Chocolate Creations

Thanks to our entrepreneurial spirit and passion, we look for new ways to enjoy and introduce the most popular and newest flavors, and this commitment to creating fresh flavors and chocolate creations and innovations while maintaining the highest quality is never-ending. We also improve practices and develop methods that improve performance.

All our creations are made with customers in mind, we are very sensitive and keen to the changing trends of customers' tastes and we try our best to introduce products that match their tastes and delight them. We continue to spread happiness through our actions.